natural, healthy and innovative products for your pet

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Natural, wholesome and innovative products for your precious pet

For better nutrition, fresher breath and a better quality of life for your pets

Each of our products is both effective and useful...

Totally Natural, Incredibly Tasty ...

Feeding your pet unhealthy (human food is included) treats can affect their health.  Particularly if there is more than one person would likes to feed them tid-bits.  It can soon mount up.  So, our meat treat is all natural and unprocessed.  It really does help to keep your pet feeling special and feeling healthy at the same time.  

Just Add to Water. You'll Notice the improvement in your pet's breath within days

Results show up within days, and almost always inside a week.  Fresh is so much better than smelly.  If you are fed up with trying to brush teeth, change diet and more, then this is just what you are looking for.

So Convenient, So Useful

Leaving your dog at home whilst you run errands, or worse still, leaving them in a hot car is no longer necessary when you can simply take your secure-a-dog with you.  Attach the suction cup to a smooth surface and you are good to go...

Our Promise To You

We love pets and want the best for them.  We are Suzy and Clive and for us this is personal...

We have developed our products out of our our story here

We house-sit throughout Europe at the same time as developing our interest in pet health and well-being and our range of products.
We always exercise the pets we care for, and enjoy feeding them well as well as giving them the love they deserve while their parents are away.  
You can trust our products to do what we promise they will.  Check out some testimonials and reviews here.
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