Natural, wholesome and innovative products for your precious pet
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We are Suzy and Clive the owners of VIP PET Products which came about as a result of our exploits in caring for pets when we combine travelling and house sitting.

Why pets love what we do

Dogs don't like having their teeth brushed.  The smell of bad breath means that the bacteria which cause it can also be causing tooth decay, as well as making the pet less attractive when they breathe in your face.  Problem!

The magic ingredient

Our fresh breath product is delivered via saliva when it is added to the pet food, and then chewed.  It tackles the compounds which case decay, bad breath and gum disease at source. magically and quickly

Environmentally friendly

Our products are natural, pure and are therefore kind to the environment in the mouth...

Stop doing what you know you should not be doing

So many of us persist with the notion that we are dedicated to cleaning our pets' teeth.  But few of us do it frequently, or regularly enough.  Let's change that.

Success leaves paw prints

Pets love feeling healthy and clean in their mouths.  Fresh breath takes effect in less than a week and is economical and simple to us, just by adding a few drops to food at each meal. 

You might think your dog is different, but...

Experience tells us differently

Did you know?

Periodontal disease caused by an excess of unhealthy bacteria in the mouth and if left untreated these bacteria can make their way into the blood stream and affect major organs...
You can use Fresh Breath as well as brushing, for added protection and prevention.
It  can be added to food, or water, and is odourless and colourless.
It softens plaque and tartar and when your pet eats something hard these are more likely to be removed.
Unbelievably, this product costs only a few pence a day, per pet.
And that is not contains no alcohol, sweeteners, colourants, flavour enhancers, or anything that should not go into your pets' mouths, or stomachs.

You can't spoil your pet too much, right? Wrong, completely wrong, find out more:

Everybody loves their cats and dogs right?  And very often almost everyone in the house will feed them tid-bits.  
The calories can rack up quickly.  And that is not a good thing.  Apart from reinforcing problematic behaviour, the wrong types of treats can be very bad for our pets.  
As well as the perils of cooked food, spices and processed food many pets just get too many additional calories and put on weight.  This means reduced vitality, mobility and puts additional stresses on joints and bones.  Not good.
Wholly Rawsome is made from pure ingredients.  The meat is heated only enough to kill pathogens.  Most pets are genetically closely related to their wild counterparts, and they love raw food, a treat that they can really look forward to, without the nasty consequences.  Use your treats wisely.